World famous market run by only women - Ima Keithal, Imphal, India

Ima Keithal is one of the prominent tourist spots in state of Manipur. Ima means ‘Mother’ and Keithal means ‘mother’. The vendors in the market are only women and we cannot find even a single man selling things in the market. We can find and purchase almost every household thing in the market like groceries, vegetables, fishes, garments and what not. This is the only market in the world of its kind.



This market has years of history. The products sold in the market are brought here from surrounding parts of Manipur.  New market complex has been built to facilitate these women carry out their business. These women are inspiring women in other parts of India. The women vendors in the market are courteous and well receiving.



Women vendors from different sects and different parts of Manipur come here to set up their business and make a living. This is also called mother market, since it is market run by mothers of Manipur state. In a male dominated society, this market proves the women in India no way inferior.