India- The land of slums - The destination for slum tourism

 The very first topic and idea for documentary makers is poverty. Many westerners travel parts of Africa and India and choose the slums of India as their key destination to showcase the poverty of India. A country with population of 1020 millions and about 100 million people live in 10 top metro cities of the country. Almost 10% of the country lives in these cities, hence obvious congestion and lack of living space will be the result. Decades of efforts to make a slum free India has not produced any positive results, people and government come up with n number of solutions and  execution of the solutions and plans is almost nil just because of lack of cooperation at various levels of people involved in execution.

Slum in Chennai, Koovam river probably the filthiest river in the world

Clear indifference slums surrounded by skyscrapers 

Even though primary education is free in India and states like Andhra Pradesh provide free professional education, Still there is need for the government to campaign in villages of India to admit children in schools. As long as there is no cooperation from the general public, there wont be any inch of change in the country's situation. If we deeply look into the Indian society, Weaker sections are not properly utilizing the opportunities provided to them. There is a common perception in the west as well as people in India that poverty and other economic imbalances in India is due to the weak governance and government policies . If we look deeply into this, It is ultimately the people of weaker sections of India ( Which is more than  two thirds of population of India) who choose the governance and their policies. 

Slums in Dharavi

Slums in Kolkata

Indian Slums

There is saying in Sanskrit " Yadha Raja Tadha Praja" means the The Kings mentality and policies will reflect the peoples mentality and their lifestyle. But in a country where choosing the king rests with people, people's mentality will be finally reflected in the governance. Hence its the enlightenment which must inwardly come in people of the country to at least pave a better way to the next generations. There are lot of success stories of achievers of India who were brought up in slums. Its all about dare to dream and materializing the dreams. When the count of people who materializes the dreams increases, automatically poverty will be eradicated.Sad thing is, India has a vast community with ability to dream but very few people has the dare and perseverance to execute.

As long as this fear of failure and hesitation to execute continues in weaker sections of the society, nothing can help this country. One more common saying every one hear in India is "Rich gets richer poor gets poorer". Every one who is rich in India today had ancestors who executed their dreams or someone in the current generation who executed their dreams. So "Poor can also become rich" by sheer execution of their right dreams with patience and perseverance.

If we hit a google search " Rags to riches India", we can victim hundreds of success stories which shows you people who changed their lives as well as their future generation. Hence everybody has a sort of ability within  them, Its all about transformation of thoughts into action.

Here are some Renowned Indian personalities who changed their personal lives and lives of their future generations.

Started Career as wage worker now created a business empire which is one of the pillars for Indian Economy

A paper boy who became president of India

A Man from slum now the highest paid Indian Actor

Son of a Security guard, One of the highest paid IPL player
A man who has not even completed school education,  There is no award related to music which is not  under his belt