How much does facebook spend for its domain name? - Screenshots of facebook over years(2004- present)

If you are on the web, there is no need to introduce with any kind of appreciative sentences. Many techies could have seen the move The Social Network - the story of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerburg. No social network site has seen success as phenomenal as Facebook.

Facebook initially functioned on the domain in its early stage (2004-2005) and was available mainly in US. With its popularity increasing drastically, the domain name the was changed to  About $200,000 was spent to acquire the domain in the year 2005. Even today the domain is active, which would redirect you to

With further growth, after getting over 800 million users ( the current figure is over 900 million users), facebook has decided to acquire domain to make it easier for the users as well as for the company's own internal email usage. The domain was with American Farm Bureau Federation. American Farm Bureau has announced that it earned 8.5 million US dollars for selling the domain and they shifted their domain to from 

Facebook is continuously reinventing and changing its look and feel and features year by year. Here are some screen shots of from 2004-present.

2004 facebook -then

2004 facebook

2005 Facebook

2007-08 facebook

 Most of the internet users will be aware of the Facebook changes from 2010. 

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