Historically famous Andaman Jail .Kala pani Photographs

Every individual, family, town, country wouldl have had black days. This cellular jail in Andaman represent the black days of whole Indian country. This jail was constructed by the British to suppress the freedom fight of Indians. The main idea and motto behind establishment of the jail is to exile the rebel citizens of India who was against British rule. Hundreds of freedom fighters were relocated to this island jail and kept in individual cells.

The jail is constructed in such a way that prisoners will be kept in individual cell and will not be allowed to communicate with others in the jail. Disconnecting people from the actual world was the central theme behind transporting people to this place.  People from many parts of India were brought here and imprisoned.

This prison is called cellular jail because prisoners were kept in solitary cells which are of dimension 4.5 x 2.7 meters. The imprisoned people inside the jail were used for further construction of jail. Parts of the jail were demolished during World War 2 by Japan and some parts by Indian after achieving independence. Now the remains of the jail is seen as National memorial.

Every brick in the jail shows the black days of the Indian freedom fight and struggle went into it. Few Indian movies also made which showcases the British regime and inhuman things happened in the jail. Solitary confinement is one of the worst things in the world that should ever happen to anyone who don’t want to seek it.