Delicious street food, snacks of India- Experience the Indian spiciness

Food in the streets is a common thing in many metro cities of the world. India is a diversified country; each city in the country has its own color, cuisine and life style.  All Indian major cities in some way have its own special street foods. In North India, Street foods are referred to as Chats. Chinese food like noodles, chicken soups, chili chicken etc is also common street foods in India, though this Chinese food would not speak the specialty of the city.

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad which are considered to be the major hubs of India has their own variety of street foods. North Indian street foods are also famous in South India, one must taste the food related to a city in the same city so that you won’t miss the original taste. Some people in these metro cities make their living by taking these street foods as their actual diet.

Almost all available street food in India is cheap. Hygienic factor is the thing need to be concerned about this street food. Though this street foods serving as the traditional symbols of the city, none of the cities in India have these street foods served in hygienic environment. Those who look for new experiences in everyday life can ignore this cleanliness factor and can experience the real raw taste of the original street food in the original place. The thing one must remember is whatever city you travel in India, The original flavor of the food can be seen only in the oldest parts of the city.

Vada pav, Pav Bhajji, Paani puri, Sev Puri, Kebabs , Bhel puri and somosas are the most common street food found in western part of India, especially Mumbai. All these varieties are generally cheap and also available in all parts of India. But Mumbai has its own uniqueness in the taste, flavour of these chaats.

Bademiya, Known for Kebabs in Mumbai

Bhel Puri, Famous chat throughout India

Chandni chowk is the capital of street food in India all kinds of street foods are available here, One must visit the place to sense the Delhi chaat empire.

Fruit Chat ,  Famous in Delhi

Kolkatta is yet another place which is known for its unique variety of dishes and chaats. Kolkatta Khati rolls, Jhal Muri, Kachori’s and stuffed samosas are the most famous chaat varieties of Kolkatta.

Jhal Muri, Famous snack in Kolkata  and Bangladesh
Kolkata kathy rolls

South Indian cities are not as famous as North Indian cities when it comes to street food, but even South Indian varieties has their own varieties of street foods. Vada, Bhajji, Bonda, sundal are the common snack varieties which is consumed in streets of Chennai. Marina beach is hang out place for the major portion of population of city, one would not have missed the beach sundal available there.

Chennai Beach sundal

Hyderabad, a Nawab city is known for its biriyani. Biriyani will be available everywhere in Hyderabad. Haleem, Faluda and kebabs are also most commonly found in Hyderabad streets.

Hyderabad Biryani

To experience the real aroma of the city, one must try everything which is special to the city. Hygiene and diet issues can be ignored to feel the experience.