Windows 3.1 Screen shots - Remembrance of the evolution of Windows series of operating systems

It was the first successful Windows version which revolutionized GUI operating systems market at that point of time. This was the first windows operating system which supported multimedia. This operating system allowed to view videos for the first time. 1 MB of RAM was required to run this operating system. Global users of computers could have started their PC experience with windows 95 or later, Hence there may be very few people who worked with this operating system and acquainted this very early GUI.

This operating system supported very features but supported multitasking.

Windows 3.1 Calculator

Windows 3.1 Control Panel
 Windows 3.1 does not support screen savers. You can view the basic features the operating system supports in the control panel menu.

Desktop of Windows 3.1

Main menu contains all the features of  Windows 3.1

The first ever media player supported  by windows operating system

Windows program manager

Windows 3.1 sound recorder

Windows 3.1 splash screen