Largest Mobile Networks in India - Indian Telecom companies with most number of subscribers

India has one of the leading telecom markets in the world. Indian Telecom market is led by Indian based companies unlike other industries in India where foreign companies play a prominent role in India. India has over 900 million mobile network subscribers, which is more than 75 percent of the Indian population. Telecom industry is the most competitive industry in India, the facts and figures may change at any time with new innovations and revolutions in tariff plans.

Here is the list of leading mobile networks in the country. We are not providing clear statistical figures here because the figures keep on changing day by day.

1. Bharti Airtel:

Airtel is the leading mobile network provider in the country with nearly 20% of the Indian market share. The telecom gaint provides wired, wireless telephone services along with broadband and DTH services. The network availability makes it the leader, as it has established towers through out the nation.

Bharti Airtel Headquarter, New Delhi

2. Reliance:

Reliance telecom is the second leading mobile service provider in India very strongly in competition with the successor and Predecessor. With is remarkable tariff and plan updates, the telecom giant is managing to keep its market slipping away from its hands.

3. Vodafone:

This British telecom giant which is also the second largest mobile network in the world did not fail to establish  its empire in India also. With its rigorous and innovative advertising campaigns, the company has managed to establish a very good market share. 

Vodafone headquarters, London

4. Idea 

Idea cellular was the first company to start rigorous advertising after the advent of 3G network in India. Even though it entered late into the industry, the company is managing to give a tough competition to the industry leaders.

5. Bsnl

India's first telecom service provider, the government managed firm is continuously successful in losing the market to the innovative and aggressive private firms. Even though BSNL had a huge market in the beginning years, innovative marketing by the competitors made the company stand no where.

Bsnl, Headquarters New Delhi 

Docomo, Aircel, Uninor  are the next three leading telecom companies in the market. Customer retention is the greatest threat to the companies. With options available with the customers, Even a minute dissatisfaction in the customers will lead to the change of network. Hence the telecom industry is considered to be most competitive, a little slow down in pace you go,  will drag you out of the market.