Stadiums which hosted finals of Cricket world cup

So far 10 world cups had been organized and all were successful except World cup 2007 which saw moderate success. Of this 9 world cups, 4 world cups were hosted by England, 3 were by Indian subcontinent( India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) and Australia, South Africa, West Indies hosted one Each. Cricket world cup has always been a festival season for cricket lovers. Every World cup final is a historic day in cricket history. The stadium which hosts this final will remain one of the best venues of world cricket and will get huge reputation.

World Cups held in England ::

Lords London has hosted all the world cup finals held in England. England hosted 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999. All the world cups finals were hosted at Lord’s Cricket stadium London in which West indies won the first two, India the third one and Australia won the 1999 world cup.

Lords London

1987 Cricket World cup ::
India and Pakistan collaborated to host the 1987 world cup in which Australia lifter the trophy for the first time. This is the first world cup held outside India. Eden Gardens Kolkata hosted the final match between England and Australia.

Eden Gardens

1992 Cricket World cup ::

Australia and New Zealand jointly hosted the 1992 cricket world cup and the final was hosted at MCG, the world’s largest cricket stadium in terms of capacity. Pakistan and England met in finals and Pakistan won the trophy. England lost its third final in World cups. This was the first world cup played with white ball and players wore color dresses.

MCG, Australia

1996 Cricket world cup::

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka united to host 1996 world cup, the world cup which went on to victim all kinds of spices in cricket. This world cup showcased all kinds of emotions of the subcontinent spectators. Sri Lanka lifted the trophy for the first time which entered in to tournament as underdog. The final was held in Lahore Gadaffi stadium.

Lahore Gadaffi Stadium

2003 Cricket world cup ::

This is one of the most successfully organized world cups by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. The finals were held at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.  India made to finals for the second time but was washed out by Australian aggression.

Wanderers Stadium

2007 Cricket World cup::

This is the dullest world cup held so far. The format made India, Pakistan exit from the tournament very early. This made the audience count fall by a huge margin because India has the largest percentage of cricket viewers.  The final was held at Kingston oval, Bridge Town, Barbodas in which Australia lifted the trophy for the third consecutive time and fourth in its belt.

Kensington Oval, Barbodas

2011 cricket world cup::

This is a super successful world cup because the host team won the world cup for the first time. This world cup is hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The final was held at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. India beat Sri Lanka to lift the trophy for the second time.

Wankhade Stadium