Gun Market in Pakistan - Adam DarraKhel

The cheapest and largest gun market in the world is present in Pakistan. A complete town in Pakistan is involved in gun making. We can get exact replica of almost any kind of gun here. If you provide a sample of one gun, people here are capable of making hundreds of replica of the same gun. Though this gun market is considered illegal, gun making is carried in a unrestricted way.

A Craftsman making gun in Adam DarraKhel

People here make guns with hands but not machines. These people are highly skilled and they are ready to make an exact copy of any kind of gun. Darra AdamKhel near Peshawar is the place which is completely involved in gun making. Almost all kinds of guns, rifles are available in this market. Many terrorist groups depend upon this market for their arms. Pakistan constitution allows its citizens to have fire arms and so people can easily get guns from this market.

Gun shop in Pakistan
An Arm Store in Darra Adamkhel Pakistan

Gun culture is more predominant in the North West federal province (NWFP) of Pakistan. People here feel carrying guns as a matter of pride. Major proportion of the population in this province own arms and carry arms in public. NWFP mostly comprises of tribal areas and these tribes are living on guns.

Collection of guns in a Arm Store