Most largest cricket stadiums in India Photos

All most all Indian cricket stadiums have the same aerial measurements with slight variations, but it is the spectator capacity of the stadiums which decides the largest . With Indian cricket board being the super power in cricket, lot of new stadiums are being built in India and the existing ones are renovated. Renovation of few stadiums in India led to capacity decrease in some stadiums and increase in some stadiums. There are more than 10 stadiums in India which can accommodate more than 45000 members.

Here is the list of largest and biggest cricket stadiums in India in terms of capacity. Since there are many stadiums with almost same capacity proper ranking has not been given.

Even though renovation reduced its spectator capacity by at least 20%, Eden gardens still continues to be the largest stadium in India. Its capacity is 67000. It is most sought and celebrated venues in international cricket. This stadium is always known for its roaring crowd.

Eden Gardens mecca of Indian cricket

This is one of the new stadiums built  in India with seating capacity of 65000. This stadium has not hosted any ICC international match yet, but this stadium is expected to be one of the best venues in future in India.

Raipur international cricket stadium

This is also one of the new cricket stadiums in India with seating capacity of around 60000. The facilities in stadium are very sophisticated and its a attractive twenty twenty cricket host.

D Y Patil stadium, Navi Mumbai

This is not essentially a cricket stadium, but international cricket matches are hosted here. This is multi- purpose stadium which host many events. The stadium capacity is about 60000.

Kochi cricket stadium
There are many stadiums with about 55000 spectator capacity. All these stadiums are the most important ODI and Test venues in India. All of these stadiums has hosted historic matches

Stadiums with 55000 crowd capacity are

This stadium has one of the most beautiful stands in India. The stadium is important test, one day venue for India. It has 50000 seats which is increased from 35000 after renovation.

Chepauk Chidambaram Stadium

There are two important stadiums in India with 45000 crowd capacity. Of this, Wankhede Stadium is one of the most prominent venues in India