Sreenivasa Ramanujan Photo collections from birth to death

Sreenivasa Ramanujan is undoubtedly one of the greatest mathematical geniuses,  this world has ever seen. A natural genius has given vast mathematical works in his very short span of life time and many of his theorems still remain clueless because of its direct results without proofs.

Professor Hardy

At Cambridge

His Wife taken in 1994

His home, Where he born

Ramanujan Rare photograph

Ramanujans Note books

Circulated photo of Ramanujan

His handwriting and mathematical work 
His mother

Time line of important events in Ramanujans Life
Born 22 December 1887
1892 – Started School Education
1904 – Completed school education
1897-1902 – exposed to some serious and formal mathematics and this led him to master mathematics and made him propose numerous theorems of his own
1905-1908- Left home, struggled in life and enrolled in Pachiayappa college and left without finishing the course because of failure in other subjects.
1909 – Married to Janaki Ammal and He suffered serious health issues during this period
1913 – Ramanujan sent his  works to Hardy
1914 – Moved to London to work with Hardy and spent five years there
1918 – got fellowship in Trinity college, Cambridge, First Indian to get
1920 – died of various health issues